The funds received from RUSA Schemes enable the renovation of the College buildings as well as other facilities.


a) New Building : The college has a new building which was constructed under Ministry of DONER, Govt. of India. The building was furnished with office equipments, painting, electrification, partition etc.

b) Teachers Common Room : Teachers common room in the new building was well-equipped with separate chairs and tables for each teachers, TV, Computer set, Printer, UPS/Inverter, Sofa sets, toilet etc.language lab2

c) Administrative Offices :
Four administrative rooms (including Principal Room) were constructed and equipped with office furnitures such as Tables, Chairs, Sofa Set, Locker, Fan, Carpet, Almirahs, Computer Sets and Printer, Office Purdah, Toilet etc.

d) Library :
The College Library was renovated under infrastructural grants by purchasing a numbers of books, Journals, reading tables, bench, chairs, Librarian’s table and chair, Computer sets and Printer, and also renovated Librarian’s Room

e) Classrooms :
The classrooms are also renovated by purchasing White Board and Green Board, Projector for classroom, Lap Top for Projector, Wall fan and Ceiling fan, Filter and Cooler for drinking water etc.
f) Smart Room : Two Smart rooms are constructed and equipped with Projector, academic chairs and benches (Godrej), window bars etc.
g) Institutional Coordinator Room:
A separate room for RUSA Institutional Coordinator was also constructed and equipped with office furnitures and Computers etc.

h) New Administrative Building :
The College received Rs. 70,00,000.00 (rupees seventy lakhs) for the construction of new Administrative Building under Infrastructural grants. The state Project Directorate has selected the M/S Lushai Engineer, Ramhlun South, Aizawl to undertake the construction works and is now under process.
The grants for capacity building are allocated for the purposes of seminars, workshops, meting expenditures relating to RUSA etc.within the college. The seminars, workshops etc. organised by the college under capacity building may be as follows :
a) ‘One day Sensitization Workshop on RUSA Schemes’ was organized at the College campus on 29.10.2015. Prof KL Pradhan, Member Secretary, SHEC &Addl, State Project Director(RUSA) delivered speech and Dr Zarzoliana, Dy. State Project Director(RUSA), delivered lecture on RUSA schemes.
b) RUSA Awareness Programme for students at Govt. T. Romana College on 11.03.2016.
c) College Level Sensitization Workshop on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) organised by Govt. T. Romana College, Aizawl on March 29, 2016. Prof Lalnundanga, Director, Academic Staff College, Mizoram University delivered presentations on CBCS.

The Equal Opportunity Cell was formed to implement the various schemes under Equity assurances of RUSA, as below :
Coordinator/Chairman : Mr C. Laldinsanga, Nodal Officer
i/c Equity Assurance Plan Implementation
Secretary : Mrs Rosy Lalrinsangi
Members : a) Mr Lalhmachhuana
b) Mr Lalsangzela Pachuau
c) Mrs Dorothy Zonunsangi

The Language Laboratory was renovated and constructed a new room in the new building, it was well-equipped with 15(fifteen) computers, carpets, purdah, tables and chairs, white board, lecturn etc.
The Spoken classess in Hindi and English were also proposed to be open in the new academic session (2016-2017), and remedial classes in all academic subjects were also proposed.

Ms Suman Shukla, RUSA Consultant(Mizoram), Ministry of Human Resources Development, Higher Education New Delhi visited Govt. T. Romana College on 15th October, 2015. She was accompanied by Prof KL Pradhan, Member Secretary, SHEC &Addl, State Project Director(RUSA).
The Institutional Coordinator and UDC (i/c RUSA) attend two day Workshop on Capacity Building of College for PFMS and Bhuvan RUSA, during August 3-4, 2016 at Aijal Club, Aizawl.
Apart from this, the officials from State Project Directorate, H&TE visited many times to our college to see the ongoing works under RUSA schemes.
Interestingly, all the equipments purchased from RUSA grants were labeled with RUSA stickers.
The College now has a different upgraded and presentable appearance due to the funds from RUSA. The Principal, Staff and Students are grateful to RUSA for enabling such development in the colleges and are looking forward in the future for guidance, co-operation and financial grants for the development of the college and the nation.


1. Commencement of Class : 16th Jan.

2. Ist CAT : 8-13 Feb.

3. Exam Form Fill up (Rep): 7-13 Feb.

4. 2nd CAT : 2-5 April

5. Publ. of Eligible Students: 5th April

6. Exam Form Fill up (Reg):  -

7. Payment of Exam Fees: 10-12 April

8. Publ. of Internal Marks: 26 April

9. Final Exam (MZU):  -

10. Graduation Dinner: 24th May

11. Semester Break: 22 May - 30 Jun.

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