National Cadet Corps


NCC T.Romana College was established in 2003 under the 1st Mizo Bn NCC. From the very beginning enrolment was done ncc_logo1according to the allotted strength of 108 Cadets i.e. 56 Senior Boys & 52 Senior Girls. Presently, Two dedicated lecturers Mr Lalthansanga and Ms Lalsangluri Sailo are appointed as Care Taker Officer.

Since its inception Cadets of this institution have taken part in several Camps and Trainings conducted by different NCC Directorates. The Camps and Training have proved highly beneficial for the cadets in acquiring various skills besides proving them a platform for traveling, meeting and working in co-ordination with the people from different geographical regions and ethnic backgrounds.


  1. To develop qualities of Character, Comradeship, discipline, Leadership, Secular outlook, Spirit of Adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the Country.
  2. To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of Life and always available for the service of the Nation.
  3. To motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.



  • New enrolment is done every academic year.
  • NCC theory Classes and Drills are conducted regularly with the help of P.I. Staff from the Office.
  • Firing practice, Rock climbing, Disaster Management and Local Trekking Programmes are successfully conducted every year.
  • NCC Cadets of this College participated every year in the Independence Day and Republic Day Parade.

Cadets of this Institution attended various NCC Training Courses and Programmes within and outside the State. Some of them are:

1 PRE-RDC (Lailapur) 10-21/8, 2004 SD-01, SW-02
2 Thal Sainik (Jorhat) 24/9-5/10,2004 SD-01
3 N.I.C., Shillong 10-21/9, 2004 SD-2, SW-3
4 N.I.C., Chakabama 1-12/10, 2004 SD-1, SW-1
5 Trekking, U.P. 9-29/9, 2004 SD-2
6 N.I.C., A.P. 15-26/4, 2005 SD-2, SW-2
7 Thal Sainik (Jorhat) 9-20/9, 2005 SW-1
8 PRE-RDC-1 (Umroi) 25/8-5/9, 2005 SD-2, SW-2
9 All India Sikkim Trek 15/10-4/11, 2005 SW-2
10 PRE-RDC-II (Umroi) 25/10-5/11, 2005 SD-2, SW-1
11 N.I.C., Chakabama 29/11-7/12, 2005 SD-2
12 C.A.T.C., Tanhril 21/7-1/8, 2006 SD-18
13 Mayalakar Shooting Competition (Narangi) 18-29/8, 2006 SW-1
14 RD Selection Camp (Phulbari) 28/8-8/9, 2006 SD-3
15 Advance Leadership Camp (Orissa) 28/9-9/10, 2006 SD-3



  • Sgt. Kennedy Lalngilneia was declared the Best Shooter in the Rifle Shooting Competition at Pre-Thal Sainik at Jorhat.
  • Sgt. Mithun and Cpl. David won the Best Discipline Award at U.P. Trekking.
  • T. Romana College NCC Cadets participated in the Independence Day Parade as a part of 1 Mizo Bn NCC and won the 3rd Prize.
  • A Large number of Cadets from this College Passed B`certificate Examination.
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