National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) Units of T.Romana College was startenss_logod with a view to establish a meaningful linkage between the institution and the Community. Initially, the College has four Units with 400 volunteers under the guidance of two Programme Officers (P.Os). The number of volunteers has increased gradually and reached the highest enrollment in 1999-2000. During this year 700 students were enrolled as volunteers.

At present, the college has five Units with 500 volunteers under the guidance of 5 dedicated Programme Officers (P.Os.). The Programme Officers in charge of the NSS Units are:

  1. Dr. Benjamin Ralte, Department of History
  2. Mr. Lalhmachhuana, Department of Public Administration
  3. Mr. Lalchhuanmawia, Department of Economics
  4. Mr. Malsawmliana, Department of History, and
  5. Ms Vanlalchami, Department of English.

The NSS Unit of this institution has always been active and a number of commendable services have been performed for the society at large in different parts of Mizoram.

All the services of the NSS Unit were performed through Regular Activities of the Unit as well as through Special Camping programmes. These services include blood donation, AIDS Awareness Campaign, community development etc. Besides, the NSS Unit of the college has also played an active role in social works such as construction of waiting sheds, public urinals, and pavilion in public playgrounds in collaboration with the community of the concerned areas.

During the past 11 (eleven) years, the NSS Unit of this College has selected several villages as adopted villages. These adopted villages were given priority where student volunteers and the P.Os directly involve themselves for the development and upliftment of such villages. Within these areas the Unit has also undertaken several programmes like - literacy campaign, AIDS awareness, Cleanliness drive etc. Under the Government’s Programme of plantation and afforestation, the Unit planted thousands of saplings at different sites and places. At present, two plantation sites at Durtlang and Sihmui villages are looked after by the unit itself, wherein clearing of weeds, fencing and other activities are undertaken at regular intervals.

One of the remarkable services of the unit is the voluntary donation of blood for use in hospitals. This service is being rendered regularly following the annual calendar chalked out by the State NSS Cell. While organizing the camp, the volunteers willingly donate their precious blood for the poor and helpless patients. This is, indeed, a selfless and humble service to humanity and also a laudable service of the Unit.

Another activity of the NSS Unit which cannot be left out is that it has successfully organized the Inter-College Quiz Competition in 2005 in collaboration with UNODC-CHARCA and NSS Cell for HIV/AIDS Awareness. In this quiz competition, 30 students representing 11 Colleges from different parts of Mizoram participated.

Keeping in view the needs and expectations of the community, it has always been the endeavor of the college NSS Unit to render its services at its level best.


National Cadet Corps


NCC T.Romana College was established in 2003 under the 1st Mizo Bn NCC. From the very beginning enrolment was done ncc_logo1according to the allotted strength of 108 Cadets i.e. 56 Senior Boys & 52 Senior Girls. Presently, Two dedicated lecturers Mr Lalthansanga and Ms Lalsangluri Sailo are appointed as Care Taker Officer.

Since its inception Cadets of this institution have taken part in several Camps and Trainings conducted by different NCC Directorates. The Camps and Training have proved highly beneficial for the cadets in acquiring various skills besides proving them a platform for traveling, meeting and working in co-ordination with the people from different geographical regions and ethnic backgrounds.


  1. To develop qualities of Character, Comradeship, discipline, Leadership, Secular outlook, Spirit of Adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the Country.
  2. To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of Life and always available for the service of the Nation.
  3. To motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.



  • New enrolment is done every academic year.
  • NCC theory Classes and Drills are conducted regularly with the help of P.I. Staff from the Office.
  • Firing practice, Rock climbing, Disaster Management and Local Trekking Programmes are successfully conducted every year.
  • NCC Cadets of this College participated every year in the Independence Day and Republic Day Parade.

Cadets of this Institution attended various NCC Training Courses and Programmes within and outside the State. Some of them are:

1 PRE-RDC (Lailapur) 10-21/8, 2004 SD-01, SW-02
2 Thal Sainik (Jorhat) 24/9-5/10,2004 SD-01
3 N.I.C., Shillong 10-21/9, 2004 SD-2, SW-3
4 N.I.C., Chakabama 1-12/10, 2004 SD-1, SW-1
5 Trekking, U.P. 9-29/9, 2004 SD-2
6 N.I.C., A.P. 15-26/4, 2005 SD-2, SW-2
7 Thal Sainik (Jorhat) 9-20/9, 2005 SW-1
8 PRE-RDC-1 (Umroi) 25/8-5/9, 2005 SD-2, SW-2
9 All India Sikkim Trek 15/10-4/11, 2005 SW-2
10 PRE-RDC-II (Umroi) 25/10-5/11, 2005 SD-2, SW-1
11 N.I.C., Chakabama 29/11-7/12, 2005 SD-2
12 C.A.T.C., Tanhril 21/7-1/8, 2006 SD-18
13 Mayalakar Shooting Competition (Narangi) 18-29/8, 2006 SW-1
14 RD Selection Camp (Phulbari) 28/8-8/9, 2006 SD-3
15 Advance Leadership Camp (Orissa) 28/9-9/10, 2006 SD-3



  • Sgt. Kennedy Lalngilneia was declared the Best Shooter in the Rifle Shooting Competition at Pre-Thal Sainik at Jorhat.
  • Sgt. Mithun and Cpl. David won the Best Discipline Award at U.P. Trekking.
  • T. Romana College NCC Cadets participated in the Independence Day Parade as a part of 1 Mizo Bn NCC and won the 3rd Prize.
  • A Large number of Cadets from this College Passed B`certificate Examination.

Clean Mizoram Committee

The Clean Mizoram Committee was constituted by the Goverment of Mizoram, under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister. This Committee, registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, deals with matters relating to cleanliness and sanitation, generating awareness and disseminating information. Consequently, in order to implement the programmes and plans formulated by the Committee, all Government Department and their respective units were instructed to form a committee to deal with the same. Accordingly, "Clean Mizoram Committee, T.Romana College" was formed in the year 2005 (Vide memo No. B.11014/1/04-TRC of 20.7.2005) consisting of a few faculty members.

Some of the activities undertaken by the Committee may be pointed out as follows:

  • The Committee, in collaboration with the NSS Unit of this College, provided a number of Dust Bins in and around the College premises. This has proved very useful for the students as well as the community living around the Campus.
  • The Committee also organized Awareness Campaign on Cleanliness in the College where the Chief Executive Officer of Clean Mizoram delivered a lecture on the nature and importance of Cleanliness, and further requested the students to make the State clean and to spread the importance of cleanliness amongst the society at large.
  • In collaboration with the NSS Units of the college, a cleanliness drive, within the locality of Republic Veng was organized on the 13th Sept., 2006. Members of the staff and students community enthusiastically partcipated in various activities like clearing and cleaning of drains, sweeping of roads and clearing of weeds on the road-side.


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