Annual General Meeting of MCTA Branch was held on 30.10.2015 at the College Meeting Room. In the First Session the Secretary and Finance Secretary presented their reports and the Meeting approved these reports. The Meeting also resolved that the monthly contributions of members be increased, details of which shall be decided by the new leaders. In the Second Session Branch election was held and the following members were elected as leaders for the term 2015-2017.

President : Dr Malsawmliana, Dept. of History
Vice President : Lalhmachhuana, Dept. of Education
Secretary : Dr Lalchhuanmawia, Dept. of Economics
Asst. Secretary : CVL Tlanhlua, Dept. of Public Administration
Treasurer : Lalchhuanmawii,Dept. of Public Administration
Finance Secreatary : R.Lalremliana, Dept. of Economics


Govt. T.Romana College branch of the Mizoram College Teachers Association (MCTA) was formed on September 2, 2003. MCTA is a state-wide body where membership is exclusively for the teaching faculty.

As a unit of the state level organization, Govt. T.Romana College branch has no separate objectives and motto. Following its Headquarters 'Advancement of Education' is the motto of the association, while ‘serving for the welfare of the members' and for the advancement of education are its objectives. Any person working in the College under the UGC norms as a Lecturer/Reader/Professor/Principal may become a member of the association.

At present, there are 34 members in the Branch. Each member contributes a sum a Rs 100 every month towards the Branch Fund. These funds are mainly utilised for organising General Meetings, Seminars, computer training for members; contribution to Headquarters for condolence, welfare and conference fees, etc.

As the association stands for the advancement of education, it has also taken a number of initiatives for the improvement of quality in education. Innovative proposals have been made to the College authority regarding learning and teaching as well as for the development of the College. Members are also encouraged to go for further studies and research, and accordingly many of them are engaged in research studies.

The association takes care of the welfare and privilege of the members. The constitution of the Association has provision for a condolence gift to be given to the relatives at the demise of the members.

Activities of the association

  1. Every member has made a monthly contribution of Rs 100 towards the MCTA branch besides the annual contribution made to the general headquarters. This is used for the general activities of the association in the College itself.
  2. The Branch has sent its delegates and representatives to every annual General conference, sometimes contributing important agenda for discussion in the conferences.
  3. The responsibility of choosing the Teachers Representatives in the College Governing Board lies with the MCTA branch. Accordingly, the executive meeting chooses two Lecturers to represent the teachers in the Governing Board after every two years.
  4. The association organized a General Meeting every year in which special lectures on academic and non-academic matter have been delivered by some appointed Lecturers.
  5. During the year (2005), one of our member Mr Benjamin Ralte, a Lecturer in the Department of History was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) by the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong
  6. The funds of the Branch are maintained in a separate Saving Bank account at the MC Apex Bank, Main Branch at Aizawl.



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