About Govt. T.Romana College

Govt. T. Romana College was established in 1992 as a private institution, upgraded to grant-in-aid (deficit) status in 2003 and provincialised in 2008. The College is committed to the education of the individual giving special care to accommodate academically and economically disadvantaged students. Students are encouraged to seek knowledge and wisdom as lifelong learners, motivated to expand their human potential and develop competencies necessary to function in contemporary society. The College, therefore, has the distinction of being called 'the College of Grace' within which it has produced many meritorious students.

Courses Offered

1. The College offers a Three Year Degree Course (in six semesters) in the Arts stream in the following subjects:

Sl. No. Subjects Sl. No. Subjects
1. English 5. Economics
2. Mizo 6. Sociology
3. History 7. Education
4. Political Science 8. Public Administration


2. The College is an approved study centre of the Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) under the Convergence Scheme for Open and Distance Learning and Conventional Systems, under which the students can pursue their Bachelor's Degree in subjects like Social Work, Human Rights and others.

3. Career Oriented Course Programme introduced by the University Grants Commission(UGC) has enabled the College to offer Certificate Courses in Computer Application and Mobile Phone Repairing. The Courses are designed to ensure that graduates who pass out after completing their conventional degree courses would have knowledge, skills and aptitude for gainful employment in the wage sector in general and self-employment in particular.

Admission Criteria and Procedure

Students are admitted into the College based on their academic record in the qualifying examination. Fresh application forms and Academic Calender for each year will be issued along with the prospectus. Duly filled up application form accompanied by relevant documents will be received, commencing immediately after the publication of HSSLC results. Barring exceptions made by the College authority, students fulfilling the necessary criteria will be admitted into various courses and classes generally begin within 20 days of publication of Plus 2 results.

Attendance, Assessment and Evaluation

The College effects 180 teaching days as per the norms of Mizoram University. Students are expected to fulfil the norms of 75% attendance in an academic year. The College reserves the right to disallow students from appearing in the University examination if they fail to conform to the said norm.

Academic progress is continually assessed through the conduct of periodic tests, submission of assignments and tutorials. An annual Selection examination is held internally before the filling up of University Examination forms. Due importance is given to performances in these assessments for the selection of students to appear in the University examination.

For weak learners, special classes are held by the concerned faculty according to the needs perceived and there is provision for conducting regular classes in remedial English.

Library facilities :

The College Library is located in the College building itself and is easily accessible. It remains open from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm on all working days round the year except on holidays. The Library has a large collection including books, periodicals, Journals references and other relevant materials. It also offers an ideal reading room for both the students and the faculty members. Only the staff and students of the College have access to the Library facilities. Exceptions are made for outsiders with special permission from the Principal.

Co-Curricular activities:

The College lays due importance on the wholesome development of students through the promotion of various co - curricular activities. All students are members of the Students’ Union that functions as an active forum for the practice of self government in the student body. The Union takes an active part in monitoring the improvement of the student quality and oversee the general welfare of the students. The NSS and NCC units in the college offer an opportunity to students to take an active part in social services and other useful activities. The Students’ Evangelical Union and other bodies including Adventure Club, History Club, Cultural Club, Chess Club etc. cater to varied interest areas and create opportunities for active student participation in diverse development programmes.

Incentive Schemes:

The College has instituted incentives schemes for meritorious students as follows :
1. Tlangchuhthanga Award : This Award is given to the student scoring the highest marks in the University Examination from among candidates appearing from the College in the Honours stream. It carries a cash award of ` 2,000/-. The Award is in memory of Pu Tlangchuhthanga, a prominent citizen of Kolasib town, given in donations by his daughter Ms. H. Lalbiakzuali, Assistant Professor of the College in the Department of Mizo.
2. Lilypuii Award : This Award also carries a cash reward of ` 2,000/- and is gven to the top scorer in the General stream from among candidates appearing from the College in the University examinations. The Award is in memory of Pi Lilypuii, a beloved mother of Mr. L. Biakthianghlima, Associate Professor of the College in the Department of Mizo.
3. R.Kapenga Award : The student of the general stream who scores highest marks in English from among candidates appearing from the College in the University Examination is awarded R.Kapenga Cash Award of ` 1,000/-. The Award is donated by Pi Dorothy Zonunsangi, Assistant Professor of the College in the Department of English in loving memory of her father, R.Kapenga (MF&AS) who died on 20.9.2001.
4. L.Biakchhungi Cash Award : L.Biakchhungi Cash Award of ` 1,000/- is given to the student who scores the highest marks in English honours students appearing from the College in the University Examination. The Award is donated by Pi Dorothy Zonunsangi, Assistant Professor of the College in the Department of English in loving memory of her mother, L.Biakchhungi who died on 10.4.2005.
5. Sports Incentive Cash Award : Students who win medals for the college in the University Sports are given certificates and cash awards.

Grievances Cell:

The College has a Grievances & Redressal Cell comprising members of the faculty. Students may address their grievances and complaints directly to the cell. A suggestion Box is also placed at a prominent location and students are encouraged to make good use this feature.

Rules of Conduct :

The College strictly implements the following Rules of Conduct for students. Students found in violation of the Rules, and any such others as may be framed by the College Authority from time to time, will be disciplined in a manner considered fit. In the case of dismissal due to violation of rules, the student shall be withdrawn from all courses and not entitled to any refund.
1. Students must attend, regularly and punctually, all classes and must demonstrate proper respect and courtesy in the classroom.
2. Students must dressed decently in the campus. The authority shall not overlook indecent exposure or extravagance in attire.
3. Smoking and chewing of pan in the College Campus is strictly prohibited.
4. Any consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, possession of firearms, other weapons or fireworks, is grounds for immediate dismissal.
5. Students must abide by all applicable laws of the state and the country. No student is permitted to take part in any anti-national and partisan activities.
6. Vandalism and violent conduct in the Campus will be considered criminal activity.
7. Proper sanitation must be observed in and around the Campus, and College property must be handled with care.
8. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority of the college, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him from the institution as per the Supreme Court of India order conveyed vide No. F.1-8/2006(CPD-II), Dt.4.3.2008.


In 1992, many students who passed the Pre-University Examination in Mizoram could not pursue further studies because the existing colleges in Aizawl at that time were unable to accommodate them all. To solve this problem initiative was taken by the student body of the state and Mr. K. Biakthianghlima (currently associate professor, Dept. of Mizo) to establish a new college that will cater to the needs of these students. Mr. T.Romana was approached who generously donated a sum of one lakh rupees and permitted the use of his private building for the establishment of the new college. Hence, on June 3, 1992, a new private college was established and named 'T. ROMANA COLLEGE' after the name of its donor Mr T.Romana.

With Mr Remkunga as the first Principal, the College got the government permission to start the Pre University Course in 1993. In 1995, under Dr J.V.Hluna as the Principal the college got permission for Degree Courses in six subjects. Two more subjects - Public Administration and Sociology were introduced later in 1997.

The College has been growing under the guidance of various Principals who served the College with dedication.

1. Mr. Remkunga 01.06.1992 - 30.10.1994
2. Dr. J.V. Hluna 31.10.1994 - 02.09.2002
3. Dr. R. Thangvunga 03.09.2002 - 10.09.2003
4. Dr. Lalrimawia 11.09.2003 - 31.12.2005
5. Mr. L. Biakthianghlima 01.01.2006 - 19.07.2006
6. Dr. F. Lalhmingsanga 20.07.2006 -31.03.2015
7. Dr. Lalrintluanga 01.04.2015 -


The very humble beginning of the College in 1992 with a total enrolment of 236 students has progressively evolved into one of the most successful institutions of Under-graduate studies in the Arts Stream. The enrolment of students in the college reached its peak in the 1999-2000 session with 1619 students.

The college was granted affiliation by North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in 1995. The college is now affiliated to the Mizoram University which came into being in 2001. It came under grant-in-aid scheme from 2002. In 2007 the College was accredited C++ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and in the same year it was granted permanent affiliation by the Mizoram University and recognized by UGC under 2f & 12B provisions of UGC Act.

T.Romana College still stands as an institution which happily accommodates economically and academically disadvantaged students, offers concession of fees to some, exempts others and renders all possible help. Therefore the College is often known as ‘the College of Grace’.


Govt. T.Romana College offers a Three Year Degree Course (in six semesters) in the Arts stream in the following subjects:

Sl. No. Subjects Sl. No. Subjects
1. English 5. Economics
2. Mizo 6. Sociology
3. History 7. Education
4. Political Science 8. Public Administration

 However, students have to follow the rationalisation of subjects combination made by the Mizoram University.

Admission Criteria and Procedure

Fresh application forms and Academic Calender for each year is issued alongwith the prospectus. Duly filled up application form accompanied by relevant documents will be received, commencing immediately after the publication of HSSLC results. Barring exceptions made by the College authority, students fulfilling the necessary criteria will be admitted into various courses and classes generally begin within 2 (two) weeks of publication of HSSLC results.


Students admitted to the College shall pay the following fees at the time of admission and such fees are not refundable :

Sl.No. Head Amount(Rs)
1. Admission Fee 100.00
2. Monthly Tuition Fee 1,000.00
3. Internal Examination Fee 400.00
4. Students Aid Fund 50.00
5. Affiliation Fee 20.00
6. Enrolment Fee 60.00
7. Registration Fee 150.00
8. Identity Card Fee 100.00
9. Library Fee 300.00
10. Students' Union Fee 300.00
11. Games Fee 300.00
12. Magazine 300.00
13. College T.Shirt 250.00
14 College Development Fund 250.00
TOTAL Rs 3,580.00

 Note: The fees mentioned above are liable to change

Attendance, Assessment and Evaluation

The College effects 180 teaching days as per the norms of Mizoram University. Students are expected to fulfil the norms of 75% attendance in an academic year. The College reserves the right to disallow students from appearing in the University examination if they fail to conform to the said norm.

Academic progress is continually assessed through the conduct of internal examination, periodic test, submission of assignments and tutorials.For weak learners, special classes may be held by the concerned faculty according to the needs perceived and there is provision for holding regular remedial classes in all subjects.

IQAC 2017-2019

Govt. T.Romana College constituted the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) which has the responsibility of ensuring the improvement and maintenance of quality education in the institution. In pursuance of the National Action Plan of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore, for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality upgradation of institutions of higher education, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Govt. T. Romana College is reconstituted for a term of two years i.e. 2017-2019 as follows :



Chairman : Dr Lalrintluanga, Principal
Coordinator : Mrs.Jenifer Lalbiakdiki, Department of English
Asst. Coordinator : Mr. CVL Tlanhlua,Deptt. of Public Administration
Govt. Representatives : Mr R. Lallianzuala, Joint Director , QAC - cum - CDO
Higher & Technical Education, Mizoram
Local Person : Dr.F.Lalhmingsanga, Venghlui
Members :

1. Mr.K.Biakthianghlima, Department of Mizo
2. Mr C. Laldinsanga, Department of Sociology
3. Dr.Lalchhuanmawii, Department of Pub Admn.
4. Mrs Rosy Lalrinsangi, Department of Education 5. Mr.H.Lalnunmawia , Deptt. Of Economics
6. Dr. Malsawmliana, Deptt. of History
7. Dr.Vanlalchami, Deptt. Of English.
8. Dr. Benjamin Ralte,outgoing IQAC Co-ordinator.

The IQAC has reconstituted the following Cells and Committees and they are requested to have first meeting within the month of AUG, 2017.        

1. Examination Committee:
Chairman : Mr.Lalthansanga, Department of Pol.Sc.
Secretaries(Sr) : 1) Mr.R.Lalremliana, Department of Economics
Secretaries(Jr) 2) Ms. H.Lalbiakzuali, Department of Mizo
Ex-Officio Member: Principal
Members :

1) Mr. Lalhmachhuana Deptt. Of Edn.
2) Dr. Malsawmliana Deptt. Of History
3) Dr Jasmine Lalremmawii, Department of Pub.Admn
4) Mrs. PB. Lallawmawmi, Deptt. Of Sociology.
5) Mr. H.Lalnunmawia, Deptt. Of Economics.
6) Dr. Vanlalchami, Outgoing Exam Secy.

Nature of works :
To conduct Semester Examinations and CAT and take innitiative of the following activities connected to it.
a) declare results.
b) reforms in examination procedures and processes are evident
c) examination processes are transparent and realization.
d) security of the evaluation system is ensured
e) student grievances regarding evaluation results are addressed
f) to record marks awarded to the students through continuous internal assessment
g) to monitor and record monthly attendance of the students

2. Research, Consultancy & Extension Cell :
Chairman : Dr lalchhuanmawia, Department of Economics
Secretary : Dr. Vanlalchami, Department of Eng.
Members :

1. Ms H. Lalbiakzuali, Department of Mizo
2. Dr, Laltanpuii Rokhum Deptt. Of Sociology.
3. Dr.Lalrinmawii Tochhawng Department of Eng.
4. Mr Lalsangzela Pachuau, Department of Pol.Science
5. Dr. Benjamin Ralte, Deptt. Of History.

Nature of Works:
1) To keep record and submit percentage of teachers with Ph.D qualification and of teaching positions filled against sanctioned post
2) Adherence to UGC/ State Govt. / University norms with reference to teacher qualification for recruitment.
3) To ensure that faculty recruitment process is systematic and rigorous
4) To ensure that faculty development programmes aare initiated and utilized
5) To ensure that faculty demonstrate creativity and innovation in teaching methodology.
6) To encourage and promote research among faculty members
7) To facilitate faculty to undertake research by providing research funds (seed money)
8) To initiate research by collaborating with other research organisation/ industry
9) To establish research committees/unit/centres for promoting and directing research.
10) To keep records significant faculty involvement in research, number of major and minor research projects, number of research articles are published in reputed / refered journals, grants etc.
11) To comunicate recognised Research Centres (National & International, eg UGC, SAP, DST, DBT, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.) for colloration.
12) To conduct seminars/workshops/symposia
13) To undertake and arrange facility to training for non-teaching staff
14 To keep records of faculty involvement in seminar/workshops/symposia etc.

3. Library Committee :
Chairman : Dr.Malsawmliana, Department of History.
Secretary : Mr S. Lalnunpuia, Librarian
Members :

1) Mr. Lalhmachhuana ,Deptt. Of Edn.
2) MrsCaroline Laldinsangi Department of History
3) Mr. C.Laldinsanga ,Deptt, of Sociology
4) Mrs. Lalnuntluangi, Department of Economics
5) Dr.Lalrinmawii Tochhawng , Department of English
6) Mr C. Lalremruata, Library Assistant
Nature of work :
1) To record number of titles of books in the library
2) To keep record of the number of journals and other library recources (CDs/Cassettes etc)
3) To augment library resources every year with newer editions and titles.
4) To operate library very effective and user-friendly (issue of books, getting the necessary references etc)
5) To arrange reading room facility for faculty/students
6) To keep reprographic facilities.
7) To provide internet facility for information retrieval
8) To maintain inflibnet/ Delnet facility
9) To maintain computerization of library and networking with other libraries

4. Students Support, Progression and Placement Cell :
Chairman : Mr C.Laldinsanga, Department of Sociology
Secretary : Mrs Rosy Lalrinsangi, Department of Education
Members :

1. Mr.Lalhmachhuana, Department of Public Admn
2. Mrs Dorothy Zonunsangi, Department of English
3. Mrs Lalremmawii, Department of Mizo
4. Mr A. Lalramnghaka, Department of Mizo
5. Mrs.Lalngaihawmi Deptt. Of Sociology
6.Mrs. Lalsangluri deptt. Of Hist.
7.Mrs.Baby Lalramsiami Deptt. Of Edu.
8. Vice President, Students Union
9. General Secretary, Students Union

Nature of works :
1) To find job opportunities for outgoing students.
2) To give career guidance and counselling
3) To maintain records of past students regarding their career.
4) Identifications of weak students.
5) To conduct tutorial classes for the weak students periodically.
6) Organise students cultural/ NSS/ NCC activities
7) To participate in extension programmes (student and faculty)
8) To maintain records of awards and recognitions received for extension programmes
9) To provide opportunity to students for having remedial classes as well as service entry coaching classes
10) To take initiative for the formation of Alumni Association
11) To conduct feed back programmes from students, alumni, parents and employer
12) To assess the students learning level and conduct appropriate remedial courses

5. Disciplinary, Grievances and Redressal Committee :
Chairman : Mr Lalthansanga, Department of Pol.Sc.
Secretary : Mrs P.B.Lallawmawmi, Department of Sociology
Members :

1. Mr. K. Biakthianghlima, Department of Mizo
2. Mrs.Ramdinliani, Department of Political Science
3. Mr Lalhmachhuana, Department of Edn.
4. Mr R.Lalremliana, Department of Economics
5. Mr Lalnunzira, Department of Mizo
6. Mr. VanlalFinga Deptt. Of Pub. Admn.
7. Ms.Lalmuankimi Deptt. of Sociology
8. Mr. CVL.Tlanhlua Deptt of Pub Admn.
Nature of Works:
1) to take responsible for students’ discipline (smoking, drug and Alcohol abuse, attendance)
2) to take responsible for teachers’ discipline (punctuality, regularity etc.)
3) The Committee shall submit a written confidential report when asked by the authority or when deemed necessary.
4) It shall be responsible for the attendance of students in college function and the collection of fines in connection to it.

6. Felicitation Committee :
Chairman : Mrs.Rosy Lalrinsangi, Department of Edn.
Secretary : Mrs. Catherine Lalhruaitluangi, Department of English
Members :

1. Mr. K.Biakthianghlima Deptt. Of Mizo
2. Mr.Lalhmachhuana, Department of Public Admn
3. Dr. LV Zodinpuii, Department of Education
4. Mrs.Caroline Laldinsangi Deptt. Of Hist.
5. Mrs Dorothy Zonunsangi, Depart. Of Eng.
6. Dr. Jasmine Lalremmawii, Deptt. Of Pub. Admn
Nature of works :
1) To make arrangement of Awards to students for holding the highest positions in the University Examinations in Honours and General.
2) To make arrangement of Awards to students for outstanding performance in extra-curricular activities.
3) To facilitate the college stake holders for the outstanding performance in various disciplines.
4) To keep records and evidences for student satisfaction

7. Innovative Practices Committee :
Chairman : Mr. CVL.Tlanhlua, Department of Pub admn.
Secretary : Dr. Laltanpuii Rokhum, Deptt. Of Sociology.
Members :

1. Mrs Mary Lalngaihawmi, Department of Pol.Science
2. Mrs Lalngaihawmi Khiangte, Department of Sociology
3. Mrs Lalremmawii, Department of Mizo
4.Dr. Lalchhuanmawia Deptt. Of Economics.
5. Dr. Malsawmliana Deptt. Of History
6. Dr.C.Lalhmangaihzami, Department of History
7.Ms. Catherine Laldinpuii, Department of Eng.
Nature of works :
1) To study the best practices of other Colleges.
2) To enhance the current best practices of the College.
3) To find new ideas of best practices that will be beneficial for the College stakeholders .
4) Best practices in curricular design and development/ academic flexibility/ feedback on curriculum/ curricular update/ or any other initiative the institution practices.

8. Documentation and Archives Committee :
Chairman : Dr. Lalrinmawii Tochhawng,Deptt of English
Secretary : Dr.Jasmine Lalremmawii, Department of Public Admn.
Members :

1.Mrs.Baby Lalramsiami, Department of Edn.
2. Mr.S.Lalnunpuia Librarian
3. Mrs Catherine Lalhruaitluangi, Department of Eng.
4. Dr Benjamin Ralte, Department of History
Nature of Works :
1) To maintain the College records of important dates and events.
2) To maintain records of Examination Results, records of extension services like NCC, NSS, SEU, SU, Adventure Club etc.
3) To upload previous questions of University Examination in College website.
4) To Collect and safe keep College Magazines

9.. Information and Technology Cell :
Chairman : Mr H. Lalnunmawia, Deparment of Economics
Secretary : Mrs. Dorothy Zonunsangi, Department of Eng.
Member :

1. Mr R. Lalremliana, Department of Economics
2. Mr Lalhmachhuana, Deparment of PublicAdmn.
3. Mr.C.Laldinsanga, Department of Sociology
4.Mr.CVL.Tlanhlua, Deptt Of Pub Admn.
5. Dr. Vanlalchami, Deparment of English
Nature of Works :
1) To maintain computer and network facilities
2) To provide internet facility for faculty and students
3) To maintain website facility and updated regularly
4) To ensure the smooth functioning of Mobile repairing and Learning Centre
5) To ensure the smooth functioning of Computer Learning Centre.
6) Appointment and engagement of System administrator.

10. Entrepreneurship Committee:
Chairman : Mr Lalchhuanmawia, Department of Economics
Secretary : Mrs Ramdinliani, Department of Political Science
Members : 1. Mr A. Lalramnghaka, Department of Mizo
2. Mrs. C.Lalnuntluangi Deptt. Of Eco.
3. Dr. Lalchhuanmawii Deptt. Of Pub Admn.
4. Ms.H.Lalbiakzuali,Deptt Of Mizo
5. Mrs.Lalngaihawmi Deptt. Of Sociology.
6. Mr. Lalsangzela Deptt, of Pol.Sc.
Nature of Works :
1) To inculcate the spirit of enterprise in the students through various means

11. Canteen Committee :
Chairman : Mr. C.Laldinsanga Deptt of Socio
Secretary : Mrs. Lalremmawii, Deparment of Mizo
Members :

1. Mr.Lalhmachhuana Deptt. Of Edu.
2. Mrs. Lalsangluri, Department of History
3. Mr.Lalthansanga Deptt. Of PolSc.
4. Mr. LMS.Dawngkima
5. Mr. H. Vanlalhmangaiha.
6. Mr. Zothantluanga, UDC
Nature of Works :
1) To select the ones to run the Canteen and fix the standard rent.
2) To ensure the hygienic quality of Canteen items.
3) To see that the Canteen runs smoothly.

12. Health Club and Medical Committee :
Chairman : Mrs.Jenifer Lalbiakdiki
Secretary : Mr.Lalsangzela pachuau

1.Mr,C.Laldinsanga,Deptt. Of Sociology.
2. Dr. Lalrinmawii , Department of Eng
3.Ms. Lalmuankimi, Department of Sociology
4. Mr.A. Lalramnghaka
5. Mr.R.Lalrintluanga,UDC
6. Mr.Lalbiaktluanga Duftry.
EX.Officio : Principal

Nature of Works:
1) To organise medical check up for all the students and staff.
2) To organise First-aid basic training.
3) To organise Medical Camp and Health Club at Republic veng thlang and at Tachhip for their mental, physical and moral devevelopment.
4) To organise HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign with relevant NGO periodically.

13. Property Committee :
Chairman : Mr Lalnunzira Deptt. Of Mizo.
Secretary : Mr.JH.Zohmangaihzuala HA
Members :

1. Dr. Lalchhuanmawii Deptt. Of PA2.
2. Mrs, Mary Lalngaihawmi Deptt. Of PolSc.
3. Mrs. Rosy Lalrinsangi, Department of Education
4. Mr.S. Lalnunpuia, Librarian.
5. Ms. Lalrintluangi, LDC
6. Mrs.Lalchhuanawmi LDC
7.Ms.Lallawmkimi IV Grade
8. Mrs.Zosangliani IV Grade

Nature of Works:
1) To maintain records of College properties.
2) To ensure the safe custody of College properties
3) To facilitate Staff room, Common rooms for students, Rest rooms and toilets, Health Centre, vehicle parking, Hostel, Guest Houses, Communication facilities (Telephone;STD;ISD), Electricity and lighting, Transport, Landscape (approach roads/gardens and general ambience

14.Cleanliness and Beautification Committee:

Chairman :Mrs.Caroline Laldinsangi
Secretary : Dr.Malsawmliana
Member : 1. Ms.H.Lalbiakzuali
2. Mr.CVL.Tlanhlua
3. Dr.Lalchhuanmawia
4. Mr.Lalnunzira
5. Mr.Lalramthanga Sailo
6. Mrs.Lucy Lalnunsangi
7. Mr.Vanlalmawia
Nature of works
1.Cleanliness of the Campus.
2. Beautification of the college campus
3.Organising Cleanliness Drive and awareness campaign,

15.Women Empowerment Cell

Chairman: Dr. Lalchhuanmawii
Secretary : Dr. Vanlalchami
Members : 1.Dr. Laltanpuii Deptt of Socio.
2. Mr. Lalthansanga Deptt. Of PolSc.
3. Mrs.Lalsangluri Deptt. Of History
4. Mrs. PB.Lallawmawmi Deptt. Of Socio.
5. Ms. Catherine Laldinpuii Deptt.of Eng.
6. IQAC Co-ordinator.

Nature of works
1.To work towards a gender-sensitive community and create awareness on Gender equity.
2. To encourage greater participation and develop responsible leadership among
female teachers and students.
3. To ensure there is no hostile atmosphere or physical,mental sexual harassment
4.To give awareness to female students regarding their educational pursuits, career and placement.

16.Anti-Ragging Cell:
Chairman : Mr.Lalhmachhuana, Deptt. Of Edu.
Secretary: Mrs. Lalngaihawmi Khiangte Deptt of Soc.
Members :1.Dr.LV Zodinpuii,Deptt of Edu.
2.Mrs Ramdinliani,Deptt of Pol Sc.
3.Mr.Vanlalfinga Deptt. Of P.A.
4.Mrs.Lalnuntluangi,Deptt Of Eco.
5.Mr.Lalnunzira Deptt. Of Mizo.
6.All class representatives.


1. Commencement of Class : 16th Jan.

2. Ist CAT : 8-13 Feb.

3. Exam Form Fill up (Rep): 7-13 Feb.

4. 2nd CAT : 2-5 April

5. Publ. of Eligible Students: 5th April

6. Exam Form Fill up (Reg):  -

7. Payment of Exam Fees: 10-12 April

8. Publ. of Internal Marks: 26 April

9. Final Exam (MZU):  -

10. Graduation Dinner: 24th May

11. Semester Break: 22 May - 30 Jun.

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