NSS Blood Donation and Cleanliness Drive

Blood donation 2018aThe NSS Unit, Govt. T.Romana College organised a voluntary Blood Donation Camp in the College on 21st August, 2018. This is a part of the regular activities of the NSS Unit of the College. Blood Bank staff from Civil Hospital, Aizawl came in the College campus and collected the donated blood. 185 units of blood were donated by 148 male students and 37 female students for Civil Hospital, Aizawl. This is the second time the NSS Unit has donoted blood during the session 2018-19.

NSS Mass Cleanliness DriveOn 22nd August, 2018 the NSS volunteers of the College participated in Mass Cleanliness Drive organised by All NSS Units, Aizawl. Thirty students including 2 NSS Programme Officers took part in the Mass Cleanliness Drive which involve cleaning the main roads within the city of Aizawl.


1. Commencement of Class : 2nd July

2. CR Election : 13th July

3. Freshers' Social : 20th July

4. S.U. Election : 27th July

5. Ist CAT : 31 July - 3rd August

6. Ist CAT Result : 10th August

7. Exam Form Fill up (Rep): 6-17 Aug.

8.. College Week  : 17 -  21 Sept.

9. Week Closing Function: 21st Sept

10 2nd CAT : 1st - 5th October

11. Publ. of Eligible Students: 9th Oct.

12. Exam Form Fill up (Reg): 11-12 Oct.

13. Final Exam (MZU): 5th Nov.

no tobacco

"Sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in an area within a radius of 100 yards of the College is strictly prohibited and it is an offence punishable under Section 24 of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Product Act (COTPA) 2003, with fine which may extend to Rs 200/-"

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