National Seminar on “Child Rights and Child Protection: Issues and Challenges”

Sociology-Seminar sA Two-Day UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Child Rights and Child Protection: Issues and Challenges” was organized by Govt. T. Romana College in collaboration with Mizoram State Child Protection Society, Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Mizoram on 8th – 9th July, 2015 at I & PR Auditorium, Aizawl. The seminar was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Minister Mr. P.C. Lalthanliana, Social Welfare Department under the chairmanship of Mrs. P.B. Lallawmawmi, Asst Professor, GTRC and Seminar Coordinator. The inaugural session invited speeches from the Chief Guest Mr P.C.Lalthanliana, Dr. Lalrintluanga, Principal, GTRC and the keynote address was delivered by Prof. Srinibas Pathi, Dean, School of Social Sciences, Mizoram University. 

The seminar consisted of six technical sessions with 16 Resource Persons attended by students, college teachers, research scholars as well as representatives from NGOs. 

Following are the list of Resource Persons and their respective topics:

1. Laldikkimi, Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Mizoram - “The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2000 and Amendment Act, 2011; and The Mizoram Juvenile Justice Rule of 2010.”
2. Dr. Henry Zodinliana Pachuau, Asst. Professor, Department of Social Work, MZU - “Child Rights and Legislation.”
3. Dr. V. Sawmveli, , Asst. Professor, TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) - “Contextualizing Children’s Rights: A Sociological Perspective.”
4. Jenifer Lalbiakdiki, Associate Professor, Department of English, Govt. T. Romana College and Prof. Lalkima (Retd.) Zarkawt - “Situational Analysis of Children in need of Care and Protection in Mizo Society: Past and Present.”
5. Laltlansangi Fanai, Legal cum Probation Officer, District Child Protection Unit, Aizawl - “Situational Analysis of Children in Conflict with Law in Mizoram.”
6. V. Vanlalruati, Lecturer, SCERT, on “Need of Promoting Life Skills in Child Protection with special reference to Child Abuse.”
7. Lalfamkimi, Advocate – “POCSO – Protection of Children from Sexual Offence.”
8. Amy Lalrinpuii, Programme Manager, Provision Under Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) – “Provisions under Integrated Child Protection Scheme”
9. Lalchhuanmawii, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Public Administration, GTRC – “Position of Children in Mizo Society : Issues and Problems.”
10. Dr. N. William Singh, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Sociology. PUC – “Imbalance Cradle.”
11. Saichampuii Sailo, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Psychology, PUC – “Anxiety and Self-Esteem of Children in Conflict With Law.”
12. Rosie Vanlalruati Ralte, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Sociology, GAC – “Family as an Agent of Socialisation in the Context of Children in Need of Care and Protection in Mizoram.”
13. C. Laldinsanga, Asso. Professor, Deptt. of Sociology, GTRC – “Genesis of Child Right.”
14. Lalhmingmawii, Ph.D. Scholar, Deptt. of Sociology, University of Hyderabad- “Enforcing Gender Conformity, is it Against Child Rights? ”
15. Dr. Rinpari Ralte, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Psychology, PUC – “Psychological Analysis of Children in Need of Care and Protection in Aizawl District.”
16. R. Lalhruailiana, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Sociology, MZU – “Negotiating Pedagogy of Right to Education.”

The seminar concluded with the Valedictory Session where distribution of Certificates was conducted by Mr. C. Laldinsanga, Seminar Asst. Coordinator and Head, Deptt. Of Sociology, GTRC, followed by the Vote of Thanks delivered by Dr. Laltanpuii Rokhum, Member, Organising Committee, Deptt. Of Sociology, GTRC.


1. Commencement of Class : 16th Jan.

2. Ist CAT : 8-13 Feb.

3. Exam Form Fill up (Rep): 7-13 Feb.

4. 2nd CAT : 2-5 April

5. Publ. of Eligible Students: 5th April

6. Exam Form Fill up (Reg):  -

7. Payment of Exam Fees: 10-12 April

8. Publ. of Internal Marks: 26 April

9. Final Exam (MZU):  -

10. Graduation Dinner: 24th May

11. Semester Break: 22 May - 30 Jun.

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