College Level Seminar

College Level Seminar on ‘Aspects of Mizo Culture and Language in Literature’ Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Mizoram College Teacher’s Association (MCTA) Government T. Romana College jointly organised One Day College Level Seminar on ‘Aspects of Mizo Culture and Language in Literature’ on August 14, 2012 at the College campus. The Seminar was chaired by Ms Lalrinmawii Tochhawng, Assistant Professor, English Department in which the following faculty members of the same department presented papers.

  1. Mr Mark Vanlalrema ‘The Christian Mizo : Constructing the Subaltern Identity during the Colonial Era’
  2. Ms Vanlalchami - ‘Society and Women : A Critical Analysis of Lali by Biakliana’
  3. Mrs Jennifer Lalbiakdiki - ‘Enrichment of Language : Loan Words’

1. Commencement of Class : 2nd July

2. CR Election : 13th July

3. Freshers' Social : 20th July

4. S.U. Election : 27th July

5. Ist CAT : 31 July - 3rd August

6. Ist CAT Result : 10th August

7. Exam Form Fill up (Rep): 6-17 Aug.

8.. College Week  : 17 -  21 Sept.

9. Week Closing Function: 21st Sept

10 2nd CAT : 1st - 5th October

11. Publ. of Eligible Students: 9th Oct.

12. Exam Form Fill up (Reg): 11-12 Oct.

13. Final Exam (MZU): 5th Nov.

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